Zygrove Corp ZD044015 Z-Ment

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Zygrove Corp ZD044015 Z-Ment Description

The adhesive mortor for Z Brick facing bricks. Z Ment is a high quality acrylic base adhesive formulated with added fibers (not asbestos) and ground vermiculite to give the body and texture of cement mortar. It has a water base and can easily be cleaned from tools and skin while it is still moist. Once it has dried, however, it becomes permanent and insoluble in water. This is what makes it weatherproof. When installing Z Brick products outdoors, the project should be protected from rain for at least 3 days. It should then be sealed with 2 coats of Z Sealer for waterproofing and weatherproofing. Z Ment does not dry rock hard and is designed with enough elasticity to allow for seasonal changes. It will retain this elasticity for many years. This characteristic keeps it from cracking the way most mortars will. Z Ment will adhere to all common building materials: Plywood, plaster board, poured concrete, concrete block, and plaster. Z Ment is available in gallon pails and covers 16 sq. ft. to 20 sq. ft per gallon. Interior exterior use. No. ZD044015: Natural No. ZD043015: Black No. ZD045015: White

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