Painless Wiring 70207 Aux.Fuse Block 7Circuit

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Painless Wiring 70207 Aux.Fuse Block 7Circuit Description

Fuse Block7-Circuit Weather Resistant Fuse Block7-Circuit Weather Resistant Fuse Block; 3 Constant-Hot/4 Ignition-Hot Circuits; Uses One 40 Amp Relay; Incl. Fuse Cover;FEATURES:Made Using TXL Cross Link Polyethylene WireWire Is Rated To 275 Deg. At 600 VoltsAll Wires Are Factory Machine TerminatedCircuits Individually Fused For Up To 15 AmpsProtects Your OEM WarrantyEasy To InstallSafely Adds Ignition Hot And Constant Hot CircuitsIt’s a lot more than circuits and wire! How often have you seen advertisements for wiring harnesses promising, 21-circuit kit for the low, low price of…? What do you get for that low price? 21 circuits and yards of colored wire? Is that all you need, and exactly what makes up a proper wiring harness, anyhow? Well, it’s a lot more than just circuits and wire. A wiring harness is, first and foremost, engineering. At Painless, all of our harnesses are designed by real engineers using the latest in diagnostic equipment and AutoCAD to ensure consistency in manufacturing and an accurate and easy installation. Finally, and certainly not least, there’s quality. You deserve the assurance that after installing a harness it’s going to work: That when you turn on the headlights, they shine; That the blinkers blink and that the engine starts. At right you see a Painless fuel injection harness on our exclusive test board. Every single fuel injection harness, before it goes in the box, is mounted first on a test board like this. Each blue connector simulates a particular engine function. This test ensures that all connections are working properly, all pinouts are correct and there is continuity in all the wires. When you install a Painless harness, we GUARANTEE it is going to work. If you’re looking for superior

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