Mar-flex 8-10 Concrete Crack Repair Kit (POLYURETHANE)

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Mar-flex 8-10 Concrete Crack Repair Kit (POLYURETHANE) Description

When a structure settles, or suffers overload, cracks form in foundations and concrete walls. At this point, it is important to repair these minor cracks in the concrete before these problems expand and demand an extremely expensive solution in structural repair. Crack injection has been an accepted method of repairing foundation cracks for years, because it is cost-effective, reliable, and permanent. Mar-flex offers many concrete repair products, made from polyurethane which is superior to other crack injection products because the polyurethane injections adhere to the concrete, allowing for further expansion and contraction. The result, water is eliminated from eroding the concrete any further, and maintaining the seal. See our YouTube Channel For Instructional Videos.

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