Disposable Hat and Helmet Liner, PK10

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Disposable Hat and Helmet Liner, PK10 Description

‘ HEADLINE IT! No Sweat Safety Hat/Helmet liners are thin disposable liners made from high tech wick wear, similar to Under Armour. The self-adhering glue strip affixes securely under any hard hat, bump cap, respirator, baseball cap or any headwear item. Winner of Best Health and Wellness product. US MILITARY tested and approved for safety, cooling, warming, hygiene, comfort and increased production and performance levels.SAFETY: STOPS SWEAT from rolling into the eyes.COOLING: evaporates sweat continuously and wicks it away from the head and eyes.HYGIENIC: the back layer (SMS material) traps oils, salts and odors. INCREASES PRODUCTION LEVELS: less time is spent wiping one’s eyes clear.REDUCES EYE/EAR INFECTIONS- less debris into the eyes and ears.Each liner is individually wrapped. Average use- ten (10) days. Disposable. ‘

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